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Star Wars: Droids

What was it about

Star Wars: Droids

This series recounts the adventures of C-3P0 and R2-D2 before they they met Luke Skywalker as they serve various masters over the years. As it turns out, their lives were no less hectic as they became involved in battles versus gangsters, pirates, the Empire and even Boba Fett on one occasion.


Good Guys

Star Wars: Droids  C-3PO headshot


In this series C-3PO is the worrywart droid that we all know and love. During the series of three cycles 3PO has three masters or groups of masters as the case may be. He frequently ends up in a mess with the rest of the group laughing.

Anthony Daniels voice of C-3PO

Voiced by: Anthony Daniels. Born February 21, 1946. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Star Wars: Droids R2-D2 headshot


R2 in this series seems to have more gadgets in him than possible including grappling hooks, parachutes, his own little lightsaber, and just about anything else they could possibly need. R2's always there to help out. At one point R2 and 3PO are in an oil bath and when a toy animal pops up 3PO tells R2 never to bring his toys into the bath unless he can share in which up comes another toy animal to everyone's amusement. R2 is even temporarily shrunk in the last episode allowing him to slip past the enemy's guards.

No voice actor.

Star Wars: Droids Thall Jobin headshot

Thall Jobin

Thall met up with R2 and 3PO on Ingo where he had lived all his life. He loved to build and race landspeeders; especially with his best friend, Jord Dusat. Thall was 17 when he found R2 and 3PO in the early days of the Empire. Thall's pride and joy was the White Witch, a speeder that Thall and Jord had spent countless hours perfecting and at the begining of the series is nearly finished.

Andrew Sabiston voice of Thall Jobin

Voiced by: Andrew Sabiston. Born in 1965. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Star Wars: Droids Jord Dusat headshot

Jord Dusat

Jord was also from Ingo where he grew up with his best friend and competitor, Thall Jobin. Jord learned to race speeders over the desolate, crater-studded acid salt flats. Jord dreamed of flying his new speeder, the White Witch at a tournament but was injured so Thall had to take over.

Dan Hennessey voice of Turbo Tu-Tone

Voiced by: Dan Hennessey. Born Aug 25, 1941. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Star Wars: Droids Kea Moll headshot

Kea Moll

Kea was a young and athletic seventeen-year-old when she first met 3PO and R2. She lived on her mother's farm complex on the planet Annoo. She was also a very able pilot. After they all won the speeder tournament Thall, Jord, and Kea were offered jobs at a large speeder company but the droids memories would had have to have been washed for them to come so they decided not to take the job. R2 and 3PO overhearing their conversation, left in an escape pod so their friends could take the jobs.

Voiced by: Lesleh Donaldson . Born April 7, 1964 .

Star Wars: Droids Mungo Baobab headshot

Mungo Baobab

Mungo was a reckless treasurehunter from Manda. He came froma family that owned the Baobab Merchant Fleet. His family sent him to Biitu to set up a mining operation and trading post and to instill a work ethic in Mungo. Mungo found a preserved the Ronstones, a crystal structure which had incoded in it the text of Dha Werda Verda, a poem telling of the conquest of the people of Coruscant by a warrior race called the Taungs. Mungo being very reckless, eludes Admiral Screed with the help of the droids and sets of to the Roon system in search of Roon stones. After defeating Governor Koong's minions in the Roon Games, Mungo finds a priceless cache of Roon stones but is soon attacked at see by Koong's men. Mungo is forced to throw the stones overboard to save everyone from being sucked in a whirlpool.

Winston Rekert voice of Mungo Baobab

Voiced by: Winston Rekert. Born June 10, 1949. Died September 14, 2012. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Star Wars: Droids Jann Tosh headshot

Jann Tosh

Jann was a young miner who buys 3PO, R2, and another beat-up droid at an auction. They soon find out that the one beat-up droid is actually the lost Prince Mon Julpa with the help of their new friend, Jessica. Jann decided to leave his father to helprestore Mon Julpa to his thrown.

Don Francks voice of Jann Tosh

Voiced by: Don Francks. Born February 28, 1932. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Star Wars: Droids Jessica Meade headshot

Jessica Meade

Jessica is a 'friendly freighter pilot' who Jann, 3PO, and R2 meet in an early fight. She is later found to be piloting the group to Mon Julpa's homeplanet so he can return to his throne. She comes along and helps out.

Taborah Johnson voice of Jessica Meade

Voiced by: Taborah Johnson. Born March 21, 1953. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Star Wars: Droids Proto One headshot

Proto One

Proto was an ancient droid who fixed himself early on with replacement parts. At this point Proto guards a spaceships scrap yard on Boonta where 3PO and his friends find him. At first 3PO disliked the old droid and ignores him finding a new droid friend. 3PO ignores R2 and goes off with the new droid which turns out to be Boba Fett's droid. At the last minute Proto saves him and overhears the Fromm's placing a thermal detonator on the White Witch.

Voiced by: Graeme Campbell. Born November 30, 1940. Died January 18, 1992 .

Star Wars: Droids Admiral Screed headshot

Admiral Screed

Admiral Screed was an Imperial officer. Screed wore an electronic patch over one eye and was a serious military man at the top of the Emperor's aides. Screed fails in catching Mungo and the group earlier on and later disagrees with using germ warfare.

Voiced by: Graeme Campbell. Born November 30, 1940. Died January 18, 1992 .

Star Wars: Droids Auren Yomm headshot

Auren Yomm

Auren was a fifteen-year-old girl from the Umboo colony on Roon when she found R2 and 3PO. Auren was an athlete who often won with her team at the Colonial Games. Auren and Mungo with the droids help defeat Governor Koong's minions in the Roon games. After the chaos noted above (see Mungo Baobab), Kong uses germ warfare and Auren and Nilz Yomm must find an antidote for their mom.

Voiced by: Jan Austin .

Bad Guys

Star Wars: Droids Sise Fromm headshot

Sise Fromm

Sise Fromm was an old and powerful crime boss who operated out of a stronghold on Annoo. He was a member of the Annoo-dat species and considers himself the "crown king of crime." He had a legitimate import/export business which fronted for his illegal crime business. His son Tig attempted to fall in his fathers footsteps using newer technology. Later in the series, after 3PO's gang stole the Trigon One, Sise employed Boba Fett to take out all of 3PO's gang but after getting his speeder blown up, Fett decided to turn the Fromm's over to Jabba the Hutt for a reward.

Winston Rekert voice of Mungo Baobab

Voiced by: Winston Rekert. Born June 10, 1949. Died September 14, 2012. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Star Wars: Droids Tig Fromm headshot

Tig Fromm

Tig Fromm was the Annoo-dat son of Sise Fromm. Tig operated his own little gang off of Ingo in accordance with his fathers. Tig however liked to employ the newest technology unlike his father which usually backfired on him. Tig went by such names as Baby-Face Fromm and Junior Fromm though some called him 'Tiggy' to Tig's annoyance. His biggest feat was the Trigon One which he built with his father but it was soon stolen and shut down by C-3PO's gang. After further attempts to kill 3PO and R2's friends he was soon captured by Boba Fett to be taken to Jabba the Hutt for a bounty.

No voice actor.

Star Wars: Droids Mon Julpa headshot

Mon Julpa

Mon Julpa is the croawn prince of the planet Tammuz-an. The evil vizier Zatec-Cha, stripped him of his title and memory. For a while he wandered mindlessly around as Kez-Iban when he was discovered by Jann and the droids.

Voiced by: Chris Wiggins. Born January 13, 1931.

Star Wars: Droids Captain Kybo Ren headshot

Captain Kybo Ren

Kybo Ren was a space pirate whose full name was actually Gir Kybo Ren-Cha. He was a short, fat human, who had a long mustache and a small goatee. Kybo attacks the droids group on their way to Mon Julpa's planet. Later Jann and the droids fly to Tarnoonga, the pirate's planet in A-Wings and soon foil Kybo's plan to attack Mon Julpa with an Imperial Demolisher. Later Kybo kidnaps Lord Koda's daughter but she is soon returned with the help of the droids.

Don Francks voice of Captain Kybo Ren

Voiced by: Don Francks. Born February 28, 1932. Image via Behindthevoiceactors.

Star Wars: Droids Governor Koong headshot

Governor Koong

Koong was a burly man in his mid-fifties who led a band of criminals in the Tawntoom region of Roon. Koong used political intrigue and theft to increase his personal power in the system. When Mungo and the droids crashlanded on Roon, Koong vowed to destroy the 'revolutionaries.' Koong was also the one who decided to use germ warfare against the advice of Screed.

No voice actor.


Season 1


Steppin' softly in a danger zone

No weapon in my hand

It's just this brain, designed by man

It's got me in trouble again

In trouble again

I put my life in jeopardy

In the service of my friends

I wouldn't care but it's a dangerous affair

'Cause I’m in trouble again, trouble again

In trouble, in trouble, in trouble


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